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Sectional felling of Leylandii at West Witton. The tree was causing problems with the wall and drains.

Line of poplar felled on behalf of The Caravan Club


St Mary and St John's church,Hardraw: Before and after photographs of felling
Below: Crown thinning of ash tree. Undertaken to allow wind to pass through the tree, in-turn reducing wind resistance and the chance of tree failure.
ash crown thin before.jpg
ash crown thin after.jpg
ivy on wall.jpg
Before and after photographs of the removal of ivy from house wall.The ivy was pulling the spouting and pointing from the wall.
ivy on wall 2.JPG
Below: Removal of large diseased limb on sycamore. The limb was over-hanging the outbuilding, and liable to damage the building should it fail.
syc swaledale before.jpg
syc swaledale after.jpg
Large split beech tree. Resting on an adjacent beech tree, and leaning towards the A684. Tractor and a wire rope. All went well
Large ash tree. Fallen in to a private garden. Covered in ivy, it took us three long days to clear the site.
ash butt2.jpg
ash butt.jpg
ash butt3.jpg
Below: Removal of Ivy from a birch tree.
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