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Pest & Diseases
On this page I will try to highlight some of the tree pest and diseases that you may encounter in the dales.
Right: An old fruit body (fungus) of Inonotus hispidus,sometimes called ash heart rot or shaggy bracket. This is very common throughout the dales, and usually enters the tree through wounds. It can be found on the main stem, or branches. It's presence is often the cause of trunk and stem failure. Photographed on the road to West Burton.
Kretzschmaria deusta on a sycamore in Hardraw. This rather insignificant looking fungus causes a severe rot to the roots and lower trunk of the tree. Its presence should never be ignored.
Dryad's saddle (Cerioporus squamosus) on an ash we felled near Aysgarth Falls. It may appear at the base of the tree or on old wounds. A common wood decay fungus. Often seen on sycamore, beech, ash.
cramp balls.jpg
Cramp balls or King Alfred's cakes (Daldinia concentrica) Usually seen on dead/dying ash. It's presence usually indicates the tree is already under stress, often from other fungal invasions.
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