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Tree Surgery


Should you require a whole tree removing, or just a small branch removing. No job is too small. All work is carried out to B.S 3998: 2010 (Tree Work. Recommendations). The site is always left as clean and tidy as possible. The client can decide whether to keep chips and wood, or have everything removed.


RIGHT: Sectional felling of Corsican

Pine at Askrigg.


At Wensleydale Tree & Horticultural Services Ltd you will find little mention of 'lopping and topping. Both these words were and still are used in tree surgery today. They are however, outdated practice. In most instances there is an alternative, resulting in a better looking tree. Once the alternatives are explained, most people are happy with the finished appearance of the tree.


Crown thinning  of cherry tree at

Castle Bolton.


A very common practice, usually

undertaken to allow more light

through the canopy. Usually, no more than 25% of the crown is removed. All dead wood, major crossing/rubbing branches etc should be removed. Removing too much can result in the tree becoming stressed. Just like us, once stressed trees can become prone to invasion by other pathogens, for example, wood decay fungi. The added advantage of crown thinning is that wind is allowed through the canopy, reducing the chance of wind blow and branch failure. Hopefully, once finished the tree should look well balanced. Crown thinning is my most common alternative to 'topping'.


Another crown thinning job. This time on a larch, at Blades above Low Row.


                      Before                                                              After

















The lower branches of the tree are removed. This can be done to allow in more light, but is usually carried out because the lower limbs are causing problems for clients. Again, the lower crown of the tree should look balanced when finished.



The sympathetic reduction in length from the whole of the canopy. Not something which I undertake very often. Quite species dependent, as some species don't  respond too well to being reduced. However, sometimes it can't be avoided. usually undertaken if there is doubt about the structural stability or safety of the tree. Very much a last resort.


We possess a road tow log splitter that can convert your timber in to firewood. The splitter is available to hire with operator.

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