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Hedge Maintenance.


Wensleydale Tree & Horticultural Services Ltd offer a professional hedge trimming service. Many clients use our services annually to keep their hedges looking great. Hedges are usually trimmed once a year in late summer/early autumn. This has the advantage that the hedge looks at it's best until growth starts the following year.


Leylandii, western red cedar, lawson cypress, beech, yew, holly and hornbeam, we've done them all. The first three are regularly confused and almost always termed 'leylandii'. By the way, if you want a good solid, evergreen hedge; don't be put off by leylandii and it's image; most notably created by the press. This species creates a very good dense hedge, and is usually full of nesting birds in spring. However, you must be prepared to trim it regularly, otherwise, it will get out of control.


Should you wish to plant a hedge, we can offer vital experience about species, planting distances, weed control and rabbit protection.

Below: before and after photographs of a neglected hedge
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