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Below  is a copy of our current Public and Products Liability Certificate
Heading 6
insurance 2019.jpeg
National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) certificate numbers and units have changed over the years. Between us we possess the following NPTC certificates or their older and newer equivalents:
NPTC  Unit CS 30  Maintain the chainsaw.
           Unit CS 31 Fell and process small trees.
           Unit CS 32 Fell and process trees over 380mm
           Unit CS 33 Fell large trees.
           Unit CS 34 Clear individual windblown trees.
           Unit CS35 Clear multiple windblown trees.
           Unit CS 36 Crosscut and stack produce.
           Unit CS 38 Climb trees and perform aerial rescue.
           Unit CS 39 Operate the chainsaw from a harness and rope.
           Unit 222 Safe use of manually fed woodchipper.
           Unit's PA1 and PA6A Safe use of pesticides and hand held applicators on land.
           Emergency first aid at work +F
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